A single experiment on the sardine species Sardinops sagax in a Loligo Systems swim tunnel and Witrox oxygen probe system. There are three columns: $Time in seconds, $Oxygen content recorded in percent air saturation, and $Temperature in °C. Mean temperature, salinity and atmospheric pressure are supplied below to allow for conversion to oxygen concentration units.



A data frame object consisting of 3 columns (time, % air saturation and temperature) and 7513 rows (approx 2.1h of data).


Experiment conducted at Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University, Pacific Grove, California.

  • Dissolved oxygen units: % air saturation

  • Time units: seconds

  • Chamber volume (L): 12.3

  • Specimen wet mass (kg): 0.0477

  • Temperature (°C): 14.8

  • Salinity: 35

  • Atm. Pressure (bar): 1.013253


Nicholas Carey